Lisa has been sequencing Vinyasa classes for a long time and has recently been developing  new and exciting flows using the Mandala style of Yoga that brings an extra element of fun and creativity to the mat, offering new ways to move and connect with the bodies Chakra system. 

She has several qualifications in Yoga, dating back some 15 years, including a Diploma in Yoga Therapy with The Life Center in London.

She has three children  with her partner  Leo Sharma and has been both personally and professionally engaged in Pregnancy, Mum and Baby Yoga and Pilates  and Family Yoga for many years. She has recently introduced Crystal Yin Yoga and Cacao and Sound Bath Ceremonies to the Schedule of Events to be able to connect with the spiritual side of Yoga, exploring nuanced ways of gaining insight, meaning and transformation through ritualistic practices. 

She is interested is plant medicine and essential oils and is studying with the Heartwood Foundation to become a Herbalist and offer guidance and advice of how this can support people’s overall health and wellbeing.