A family run home studio offering a mix of fun and transformational classes

Based in St Leonard’s-On-Sea in Hastings we offers a creative timetable of small group and Online Classes, and One-2-One Private Sessions to help you to manage and improve your health.

Beginners’ Vinyasa Flow

True to form dynamic Vinyasa for Beginners. Slow and balanced flows that stretch and tone the entire body.

Sat 10-11.30AM / Wed 7 – 8.30PM

Power Yoga (Mixed Level)

Creative Vinyasa for the experienced Yogi that pick up the pace and include more demanding flows that circle the mat.

Thursday 6.30PM – 7.45PM

Pilates with Yin Yoga

Intellectual Classes combining the core strengthening benefits of Pilates with slow, Yin Yoga to sooth and soften tensions. Postures are held for up to four mins, using props for comfort. Great for stress and anxiety.

Tuesday 7PM – 8.15PM

Strength and Conditioning

Beginners aerobic and resistance equipment based classes using weights and bands. Based on numbers of reps and progressing to super sets to improve stamina.


Studio pic

A beautiful home studio for personal transformation, health and happiness.