Leo offers the following types of Osteophathy: Structural, Classical, and Cranio-sacral treatment. Select a category below to see what may be most suited to your needs. Prices per session time are as follows – £45/ Half Hour, £75/1 Hour. To book your Osteopathy or Rehabilitation /Cranial appointment, please email: osteopathy@hotyogahastings.co.uk

Osteopathy Available

  • Structural Osteopathy

    Structural Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that deals with problems in the muscles and joints. In particular, it looks at finding and releasing restrictions in joints using manipulative and non-manipulative techniques.

  • Classical Osteopathy

    A full body non-manipulative treatment which looks at re-aligning the spine and re-balancing the pelvis. This therapy can be used to treat back pain, joint pain and restore balance to the muscular and nervous systems.

  • Cranio-sacral treatment

    A gentle treatment which corrects imbalances in the cranio-sacral fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This has been successfully used to treat headaches, neck pain and TMJ problems.