Beginners’ Vinyasa Flow

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Beginners’ Vinyasa Flow

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We love teaching Beginners Yoga and these classes are designed to be accessible for everyone. They teach the basic tenets of breath linked movements with postural allignment and because beginners learn quickly through muscle memory, there is a ladder approach to sequences that allows for one or more challenging postures to be attempted with safety and confidence.

1 review for Beginners’ Vinyasa Flow

  1. Nicole.Barrett

    Yoga was a total surprise to me. Im well into my 40s and never knew what yoga actually did. With some physical issues throughout the 2020 lockdowns, the GP suggested some structured stretching aka yoga or medication. I thought I give stretching a go first. 3 sessions into yoga with Lisa I found my problems had disappeared, literally. I no longer toss and turn at night or jump with sudden pain. As I write this, I am into month 4 of yoga. I am stronger, much less tense (physically and mentally), able to balance on one foot (yay) and manage to switch off my head from family and work duties. Its a great little studio with good people who are able to adjust sessions depending on the needs of the class. If you are like me with kids, work and a head full of stuff, give it a go. First time, its rather weird but it really works.

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