Leo Sharma is a successful and experienced physical therapist practicing since 2005. He is a registered Osteopath using Structural, Classical and Cranial techniques in his osteopathic treatments.

During  the Covid lockdown, he has been studying for his Clinical Practitioner Certificate which will enable him to offer specialist NHS referals for Assessments and Classes in the areas of Cardio and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Diabetes.

He is a  also a registered Laser Therapist focusing on light therapy for sports injuries, pain relief and tissue healing.

He has experience in treating a wide range of complaints, including back pain, neck pain, muscle strain, “slipped disc”, RSI and arthritic pain. In addition, he uses Yoga Mechanics and Clinical Pilates as tools for rehabilitation. 

His partner  Lisa Houghton teaches the Vinyasa Flow Yoga but you can attend one of his Strength & Conditioning  / Pilates classes available in the HYH Studio and can book private sessions with him between the hours of  2pm and 5pm on those days.

Please email osteopathy@hotyogahastings.co.uk to book a One-2-One Rehabilitation Class or an Osteopathy / Laser Therapy Appointment.