Crystal Yin & Cacao Ritual

Crystals provide us with a focal point to helping us to manifest positive thoughts and feelings into intentions and actions. They are useful in times when we feel stuck, or when we need to heal. During these Rituals, we use soft Yoga flows, journaling techniques and Crystals to help us to bring a sense or purpose and positive energy into our lives; to help us prepare and plan for our futures

Combined with Yin Yoga and the ritual of drinking 100% pure Ceremonial Cacao from South America which contains high levels of the polyphenol theobromine, these events are an opportunity to practice tools that can be incorporated into your everyday life, helping you to connect to those wonderful Zen feelings that open and warm the heart from within.

We run several of these Rituals throughout the year. They are a chance to slow down, to listen and connect to what really matters.

Please contact us for costs and upcoming dates

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